जीवन कथा

बाबूजी की पूरी जीवनी पढ़ने के लिए PDF फाइल download कर लें (PDF)।

A factual and basic version of Babuji’s life story until 1990 approved by himself  appeared in the felicitation volume released on his 75th birthday. This basic version was heavily edited and reorganized before his 100th birthday and released in 2015 (PDF file released on July 20th, 2015). Between 2015 and 2017, many new sections were added to this improved version. The final version was published as the book “Rajniti ke Sant Swatantrata Sainani Babu Mool Chand Jain. Please note that we are still actively looking for new stories to add to future editions of this biography. You might also hold a story already described in this version in a different perspective. We invite you to share your feelings, stories and perspectives. Please do contact us if you have anything to share with us.